Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't Leave Cookies for the Devil

All of us can visualise the scene we have got viewed in many movies and other assorted word forms of media, that being the mental image of the departure of cookies and milk for Santa Claus to bask when he sees on Christmas. Usually done for the interest of the child's hope and fantasy, the image talks of something welcoming being left in clear view, near the hearth for Santa to see and enjoy.

I would wish to utilize this ocular as a footing for a very of import truth.

Like you, I never anticipate to see Santa come up down the chimney and eat up the dainties left out should I ever go forth them in the first place. What talks to me is that we as people, following of Jesus along with those who are not, leave of absence "cookies for the devil", a 'welcome mat' for him all the time. Please allow me explain.

However undesigned or inadvertent, we go forth those cookies in apparent sight for him to see in many ways. We unconsciously give him things to work with against us. Consider:

Assuming you are married, when was the last clip you went to kip with choler or discord towards your partner without reconciling it? (1)

You left cookies for the devil.

How about lust? Whether for a person, an physical object or thing, anything that causes your head to go fixated away from righteousness, have got you left it in topographic point in your mind, not repenting of it? (2)

You left cookies for the devil.

How about anger? Did you recently blow your cork on someone, perhaps a household member, and you have got yet to reconcile? Maybe it is A co-worker, a neighbor, a friend. Did you have got got words – did you ache and lesion another, and maybe acquire ache yourself, and you have not made it right? (3)

You left cookies for the devil.

How about pride? One of the most deathly properties and a surefire manner to do whatever grudge that may be to acquire worse and bring down greater pain, as well as cause the culprit (the 1 retention on to pridefulness however unwittingly) to go self-deluded, is pride. Are it a factor in your labored relationships? Are it a occupation on the job? Bashes it impact your performance, your unwillingness to be a follower when necessary, or to listen to counsel? Bash you see yourself here? (4)

You left cookies for the devil.

How about gossip, greed, or violence? Are any of these manifesting in your life? You have got a rough sentiment of person which you show to another. Or, since you have got got a little sentiment of yourself, not seeing your singularity as Supreme Being sees you, you have to do others look smaller, less important than you. You utilize a mulct tooth comb to expose their flaws, highlighting them and embellishing them while one could drive a motortruck through yours. If you prosecute in greed or force towards your chap man, it is because you make not put any value on them, and make not see them cherished and valuable in God's sight – which they are. Rich Person you done this? (5), (6)

You left cookies for the devil.

How about unforgiveness? Are you harboring a injury against someone? Whether it was a recent injury or slight, or something in the past, unforgiveness will impact you more than that the 1 you are having problem with. How? First off it will eat at you. You cognize intrinsically that there is a higher standard. Secondly, it will impact your human relationship with other people as well, people you desire in your life. Thirdly, it will impact your human relationship with God, and will adversely impact the effectivity of your ain prayers, regardless of how terrible the hurting was. Are there unforgiveness in your life? (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

You left cookies for the devil.

How about not disbursement clip with God? Are you chronically neglecting Him by not praising, praying, reading the word, and disbursement clip in familiarity alone with Him? Rich Person you set so many other precedences ahead of Supreme Being that He is squeezed out of your life? Please allow me gently remind you; He is our priority. He is precedence figure one! Let me guarantee you that tough modern modern times will come, and it would be far better to have got got a human relationship with Him now that is rich and deep rather than to have to seek and reconnect in distressing times. Asset you go forth yourself vulnerable to the enemy for all kinds of attacks, with small defense. Are you neglecting God? If so; (12) (13) (14)

You left cookies for the devil.

How about unbelief? What is the quality of your religion in the life Supreme Being today? Are it growing? Are it progressing? Are Supreme Being able to use you in greater ways to impact others because of it? Or are you languishing? Have your walking with Him go dry, stale, and predictable? Are the occult a world for you? If not, then: (15) (16) (17)

You left cookies for the devil.

Cookies feed the enemy of our psyches – your soul, and give him entree to your life. The Satan come ups to 'steal, kill, and destroy' and he is a 'liar, and the father of lies'. Rich Person you been hearing to his prevarications and deception? The Bible states us to 'resist the Satan and he will flee', but you must make the resisting. I cannot make it for you nor can anyone else. That is something each of us individually is responsible for. Jesus Of Nazareth came to 'set the prisoners free' and He paid the terms on the cross for it. When Jesus Of Nazareth uttered His last words "It is finished" prior to His death, I believe He was stating for all the existence to hear that the full terms for our ability to have got forgiveness of sins, family with Him and the Father, and triumph over the Satan was paid for. The debt, the demand for such as a gift had to be paid for and it was with His blood and suffering. It is finished! We have got the triumph over life. We can travel unbelievable overcomer's in life and go on to make astonishing deeds for our God! (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24)

While not an intensive survey of the subject, I swear that it is enough to do you to reflect and measurement yourself. Remember, Supreme Being loves you and desires the very best for you. If you have got strayed, seek Him now, that He may be establish by you. Receive His forgiveness. Remember, His clemency endures forever.

With that said, how about you? Are you ready? Let us travel on together and assist progress the land here on earth.

And please, make not go forth any cookies for the devil.

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